I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast the stone across the waters to create many ripples.

– Mother Teresa

Our Project

In remote, underdeveloped communities, with many challenges, the most hopeful constituency is that of children and the youth. It is easier, as they say, to build strong children than to fix broken men.” With this in mind, the Foundation has started work on two projects in Pokhrama, Bihar, after several rounds of consultations with the village community.


The Pokhrama Foundation’s Education and Mentoring Programme focusses on finding students from within the village community who show high academic ability and are from socially and/or economically challenged backgrounds. Such meritorious-students-in-need are then placed in the best schools of the area and offered a Scholarship that covers the cost of their education for the entirety of their school years—right through to high school. Apart from putting the Scholarship kids though school, the Foundation is engaged in a close mentoring of these candidates through regular in person contacts and phone calls to the candidates, their school teachers and parents. PF scholars in class 4th and above are also assigned formal mentors who can guide them through their school years.

The PF Scholarship Exam follows a rigorous three step selection process involving a written test, composition writing and interview round. So far the Foundation has selected 39 students for the award of the Scholarship.